• Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Are there any special driving requirements for renting an RV from Palmetto RV?   

         A: A special drivers license or CDL is NOT required! The renter (customer) must possess a valid driver's license, be at least 25 years of age, and have no major violations on their record. Any additional drivers must also be at least 25 years of age and present on the scheduled departure date with their valid driver's license.

    Q: What kind of Motorhomes do you rent?   

         A: We rent class C motorhomes and lightweight travel trailers. Our website has a complete list of our inventory.

    Q: What are your Reservation and Rental Center Department office hours?   

         A: You may reserve an RV Monday through Saturday, 9am to 5pm.

    Q: How do I pay for the rental?

         A: Palmetto RV Rentals requires that all payments be made with a major credit card. For payment method to qualify for rental it MUST bear an imprint of the customer's name that matches the driver's license and be a valid credit card or debit card with a valid logo. The cardholder must also be present and listed on the contract as the primary renter or additional authorized driver. Payment by check is not accepted. This payment policy is strict and there are no exceptions.

    Q: Where can I drive the rentals?   

         A: Anywhere in the Continental US.   

    Q: How will I know how to operate all the appliances and electronics that an RV comes with?   

         A: ALL first time renters are encouraged to view our instructional videos available online. A thorough walkthrough is provided upon check out. Please expect to spend approximately 45 mins for this walkthrough.   

    Q: Is a down payment or security deposit required?  

         A: A non-refundable $500 is required at the time of reservation and is deducted from your final rental charges. All major credits car are accepted. A $1000 secruity deposit is required for all Motorhome rentals.   

    Q: Do I have to provide my own insurance?   

         A:  On all trailer rentals, Renters must provide proof of insurance through their own auto/personal carrier.  For Motorhomes, Renters can provide an insurance binder from their personal auto insurance carrier or through MBA Insurance, online, at the time of rental.  Charges vary depending on the vehicle you choose and your choice of coverage.

    Q: What cleaning options do I have when I return the RV?   

         A: The vehicle is expected to be returned "broom swept" clean and the black and grey water tanks emptied. Palmetto RV Rentals is happy to dump the tanks for you for a $50 fee.   

    Q: Do you charge for mileage and if so how much?   

         A: 100 miles per day are included free. Each mile thereafter is $0.35 per mile.   

    Q: Can I smoke in the RV?   


    Q: Do you allow towing with your rental motorhomes?   

         A: Towing is not allowed with our class C motorhomes.   

    Q: Since there is a built-in ladder on the back of the RV can we use the roof to transport our luggage or get a better view?   

         A: Ladders on rental units are for use by Palmetto RV technicians only. Customers are not allowed on roofs and will be held responsible for any roof or awning damage.   

    Q: What happens if I receive a traffic ticket or parking citation while operating one of your rental motorhomes?   

         A: Customers are responsible for reporting and payment of all parking / traffic violations at rental termination. Non-reporting of parking / traffic violations breaches the Rental Contract.   

    Q: What can I expect for fuel economy?   

         A: Obviously there are many contributing factors which determine the gas mileage you will get, however a good rule of thumb is to expect 9-10 MPG.   

    Q: Are the Motorhomes you rent equipped with generators?   

         A: Yes. The first four hours of daily generator usage is free and an additional $4.00 per hour thereafter. The usage is determined by an installed running time meter. You can save on this expense by staying in locations that have electrical hookups and not leaving the generator running when you are not in the vehicle. A generator is only needed for the coach cabin air conditioner, microwave and electrical outlets. A generator is not necessary for normal vehicle operation and is subject to frequent service interruption.   

    Q: What is your return policy?   

         A: Rental units must be returned between 10:00 am - 3:00 pm on the scheduled return date. Late returns are subject to $25.00 per hour late fee. Please keep in mind other renters may be waiting for the return of your Coach. Additional days may be leased upon prior approval from Palmetto RV Rentals. There are no refunds or credits for early returns.   

    Q: What constitutes a "Rental Day"?   

         A: Similar to a hotel, the Rental Day is based on the number of nights the vehicle is used. Each night constitutes a rental day.   

    Q: Besides the rental cost, are there any other charges I will incur?

         A: There is an 8.5% State tax on all rentals. The generator fee is $4.00 per hour and will be collected upon return of the rental. The customer agrees that the Coach will be returned in the same condition as was received (excluding normal wear). A fee of up to $250 can be charged if the interior of the vehicle is substantially dirty. Damages or loss of equipment will be paid for by the renter. Holding tank must be emptied prior to return of the vehicle or be subject to an additional dump charge of up to $50. Please refer to prior section regarding insurance charges.